Flower Power

It has finally warmed up enough around here to plant a few flowers.  Every time it seemed like the cold weather was finished, here comes some more with lows in the THIRTIES in the middle of May!  Brrr.  It’s time for Old Man Winter to hit the road.  There are six flower pots that are around our house and I usually use the same mixture every year.  I guess that seems a little boring, but, through trial and error, I have learned what works in our little micro-climate so that is what I use.

The two pots on our front porch and two pots beside the garage are done in red, white and blue to match the front door wreath and garden flag.  I use pink, purple and white on the back deck for a little variety.

There is a spike plant in the back of each pot:


Then I use a New Guinea impatien as my main focal point:


Next I add two Summer Snapdragons behind the impatien for height. (Sorry I didn’t get a photo of that tag.)

Finally for drama in the front I use Calibrachoa and Fan Flower(Scaevola), which are two of my all-time favorite container plants.



I will lay everything out on the deck to make sure I have the plants I need and to get a general idea of how it is going to look before I remove the plants from their pots.



Here is a shot of one of the completed pink, purple and white pots.  All of theses plants, except the spike, come in so many different colors and that you can mix and match for days and have different color combos.  I can’t wait until they fill in and really look good!


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