I resolve to…

Yes, this is a photo of the inside of my fridge, and, yes, it is relevant to that post title. 

Now I am not one to make New Year’s resolutions as a rule, but this year I am breaking that rule a little. I guess technically it is not the new year yet so I am just starting a new plan.

You see, I have put on a little weight in the last few months to the point where all of my clothes are uncomfortable and I feel stuffed all the time. It’s all my own fault, but it is time to take back control of myself and make healthier choices. 

I am actually excited to start back eating healthy and exercising more and can’t wait to share my progress. This won’t be some huge dramatic “I lost a 100 pounds” thing, but 15 to 20 pounds is my goal. I know how to do this, too. You want to know how…it is actually pretty simple. Ok, watch closely:

Less of this:


More of this:

I am weighing myself in the morning for my starting number and I am a little scared, but that is A-ok because that is just my starting point. Hopefully it will only go down from there!

Happy almost new year, peeps! Hope 2016 is the best yet!

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