The Taming of The Queen-A Book Review

Have you read any of Philippa Gregory’s books?  She writes historical fiction (of course) and is one of my favorite authors. I have just finished “The Taming of The Queen” which is the fourth book in Mr. Gregory’s The Tudor Court series.  I have always had a fascination with that time in England’s history and love reading books based on that.  Here is the first paragraph from the book:

“He stands before me, as broad as an ancient oak, his face like a full moon caught high in the topmost branches, the rolls of creased flesh upturned with goodwill.  He leans, and it is as if the tree might topple on me.  I stand my ground but I think – surely he’s not going to kneel, as another man knelt at my feet, just yesterday, and covered my hands with kisses? But if this mountain of a man ever got down, he would have to be hauled up with ropes, like an ox stuck in a ditch; and besides, he kneels to no one”

Kateryn Parr, who ends up being King Henry VIII’s sixth and final wife, is the character speaking or, rather, thinking these words about the king.  She had been widowed twice and was secretly in love with someone else when King Henry decides that she is to be his next wife.  When the king made this decision, Kateryn really had no choice in the matter.  This book is Ms. Gregory’s fictional take on a real historical time period which had the King changing his mind about his religion every time it suited him politically.  England’s allies changed on what seemed like a daily basis depending on who was friendly with who and who could make the best and quickest treaty.

Queen Kateryn had to negotiate these mine fields and be aware that the five women before her were not able to accomplish this task without losing their lives.  This was another great read by Philippa Gregory!


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