Weekly Menu Plan

Good morning, folks!  Here we are in the last week of October, and all I can think is, “Where did this month go?!?!”  It has been a beautiful fall so far and the leaves are just hitting their peak here in South Central Kentucky.  Hopefully, the rain we are expecting this week won’t knock them all off before I can get a few more photos.

If you can believe it, the holidays are just around the corner and I have started to crave some of that special food.  The craving is so strong that I plan on cooking a very small Thanksgiving-like meal to cure it.  The regular recipes will be cut in half at the very least, but I will still get that taste that I am after.  Yum!!!

Have a wonderful and blessed week, y’all!!

Basic meatloaf with oven baked fries

Taco ring with salad (This makes enough for 2 nights for us.)

Baked ham with butter roasted potatoes, sweet potato casserole & dressing

Chili with grilled cheese sandwiches

Plain Chicken’s sliders (new) with fries and Cole slaw

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